This is my first blog. My dog stares at me as I write.

In India, we believe in starting anything with a Puja (a prayer to a believed diety). I’m not very religious, so I’ll instead thank the open-source project which made my start easy. Needless to mention - GitHub for its super collaborative platform for the community.

I’m a web-developer, so I understand the web slightly better than others do. I read when I get time. Most blogging platforms are incresingly snatching away the beauty of words by introducing a bunch of distractions like ads, pictures, social media, music and annoying browser interruptions like location tracking, notifications, heavy font loads, css animations, etc. While it is all about how to make money, we lost all the asthetics.

Is Internet a boon or bane? - was an essay we were asked to write in almost every essay competition at school. My father finds it very difficult to write something on the internet. While, my neighbourhood kids are excellent. If this competition was open to all age-groups with only one winner to choose - imagine how hard it would be for the judges?

While I’m professionally equipped to build my custom blog, I’m sure there are people who desperately need plain text blogs but have a slim chance of finding how to. I also didn’t want to fall prey to some platform which restricted my content based on their Terms and Conditions.

I chose to design my blog my way, I wish others had this choice.

(Looks like my dog is hungry, I’ll go get him some food. You guys have fun. Cheers!)