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Its all about “demand and supply”, very nicely portrayed in the movie Rough Book, which, I’m sure, only few of us have seen.

Known fact - India houses a population of 135cr as of 2018 with a 1.5% growth every year and a death rate of only 7 people every 1000. The remainder is a lot of manpower!

The English Craft

When the English ruled India, they secretly exploited this huge manpower among other tangible resources that India offered. Indians, who today, are well known for possessing one of the brightest minds continue to plough the land and grow fruits for others.

Bastards of Macaulay

Long story short - The English designed the Indian education system which grooms minds to serve only as human labour to the rest of the world. Indians are thus known as the Bastards of Macaulay after Thomas Babington Macaulay carefully crafted to exploit India even after its liberation. The education system emphasised on:

  • No Creativity
  • No Innovation
  • Follow the Orders

which continues to hold true, even today.

As a result …

I grew up seeing my parents doing a daily job and urging me to secure a good grade, primarily to end up in a respected white collar “job”. I walked with the crowd to become an engineer with hardly any practical knowledge and holding a shiny piece of paper depicting my degree. My parents walked with pride when I secured my first job. Even more proud, when I had to go work for someone outside the country.

Thats how its made.

White collar jobs in India are mostly the ones which are mundane, time consuming, non-creative, cheap and attention oriented. Sharpest minds from top colleges in India are also designed to work for the westerners. While it is portrayed as one of the best worlds to live in - with decent money, medical insurances, weekly offs, work from home, etc., an average employee still has to beg madly for a mere 2 week holiday raising eyebrows among employers. While you can still argue thats how jobs are, an average mid-class individual who has spent more than 5 years in a job is capable of doing nothing else because he is just trained to do just one job.

Ten years down, when I realise what I’ve done to myself, I still continue to live that life. The job gives me money, a proud family who think I research on next generation rockets, and a society which respects me looking at the assets. The power of the gifted mind is evaporated in the air and I just follow orders now.

The lady who walks her dog with mine, casually asked me what I think her son should take up next after school. She probably hates me after I asked her to get him through career counselling to see where his interests lay. Indians assume career counselling is for psychopaths who do not know what to do. Her son finally enrolled to become an engineer like everyone else did.


I wished someone told me my approach was wrong 15 years ago. I wished I grew up among people who had the urge to find out what they wanted, rather than told what they should want. Indians do not have to supply to the demand.

I’m just another Bastard of Macaulay urging you to prevent yourself and people around you to becoming another Indian Bull.