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Wandering on the legendary Charles Bridge at Prague, we spotted a man who visually resembled ‘Jesus Christ’. He had a fully grown beard, brown hair and was dressed in a mud patched white khadi costume and a light black jacket on. He stood beside a big gothic statue watching the tourists and doing nothing.

We approached and requested to click a pic with him. He nodded yes and we clicked a selfie, thanked him and parted. We thought he’d ask donations for the request (as other artists on the bridge do), but he wasn’t one of them.

With Mira Ahimsa

Later that day, at the Rock Music Festival celebrating the 20th anniversary of Declaration of Czech and German mutual relations, we bumped into him again. He introduced himself as Mira Ahimsa.

Mira Ahimsa belongs to the Rainbow Family. He practices a counter-culture very different from mainstream society. He lives in the woods in a shelter built out of leaves, doesn’t touch money, eats out of thrash, prefers being naked OR wears clothes from leaves / cotton when the police worry him.

How does he survive?

Hard to believe, isn’t it? Here’s more - He’s a Spaniard who goes around Europe where the weather takes him. He loves spending the summers at Prague and lives in the forests out of the city.

How does he travel without money? Well, its simple. He walks. Yes, he walks across countries. And he says he’s not alone. He finds many people walking from Czech to Spain, often. Crazy!

This man is light and has least attachments to unnatural things. He has the least luggage (just a bag), wears no jewellery, not even a wrist watch. He practices a culture closer to Jainism (but not as strict like wearing a mask to avoid killing the micro-bacteria when talking) and refrains from harming every living organism on the earth. The obvious question - doesn’t he have to kill mosquitoes / ants worrying him in the forest? Well, he apparently shoos them away. He has learnt to live with them now.

He picks food from thrash whenever he’s hungry and remains hungry when he cannot find any. He apparently has stayed without food for 40 straight days as a meditation exercise earlier.

Another obvious question - what does he do? Isn’t he bored? Well, he meditates all day, meets new people and chats with them, plays music and sings for peace. He had a very good English tongue and was aware of current affairs too. We had a healthy conversation about related topics.

This man claimed to have urges which are fulfilled by fellow Rainbow people or others, but they remain emotionally unattached. He is an active participant of the Rainbow gathering in Poland and other places around.


Its hard to believe such different people still exist in today’s modernised world where everyone is busy earning money and is so immersed in the digital society. This video documentary speaks more about his interesting lifestyle (like surviving winter and how he calculates time in the night). He also runs this blog where he spreads the word. Do look at his other videos on youtube too.

An excerpt from his blog says - ” I am interested in the return to nature and a healthy lifestyle at the spiritual level = with pure karma. I seek harmony with myself, the environment, nature, the planet and the whole universe”

I wish him luck in his “ahimsa” journey.


On a side note - My wife also goes by the name “Meera” but is no where closer even to the word “ahimsa” ;)