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Do you have a dog or lived with one before?

If you do, you’ll deeply relate to what I’m going to talk about. And if you didn’t, you’re about to hear a feeling you’ve never experienced in your life.

First encounter

We adopted him from the street, after his mother died leaving a litter of seven puppies orphaned. These puppies found shelter in a cardboard box and were fed by a car-seat manufacturing company nearby who pitied them. At about 10 days old, they started piling and curling upon each other to find warmth and race amongst each other for food. Soon the word spread and people approached to adopt them.

While we were busy choosing which colour to pick, this guy was trying to climb my fractured foot and was repeatedly failing to grip. We knew he chose us. We comforted him in a small padded box and got him home.

Well, did we do the right thing separating him from the siblings? I didn’t know then.


On the 11th day, he sure didn’t know how to sip milk from a container, but he definitely knew how to pee everywhere. After a troubled few first nights shitting and peeing all over the house, he started to show us a biological pattern.

At 2 months old, he is completely adjusted to the environment. His milk teeth and nails are now sharp and he learns to tear open the sofa, bean bag, bedsheets and mobile chargers. He seeks a lot of playtime and finds pleasure in destroying things.

At 7 months, he is now an adult. He’z got good understanding of things he likes and dislikes. He carefully chooses his place to sleep, cleans himself regularly, runs around being aware of surroundings and has a good night sleep.

Today, he is around 1.6 years old and hasn’t changed much. He still feels the loving puppy who cuddles around us.

Everything in his upbringing sounds like how a human child grows up, doesn’t it? Well, actually, it differs from here.

How a dog differs from a human child?

If you plot a length of life graph of a dog (avg. life span 15 years) and a human (avg. life span 80 years), my 1.6 year old dog is around 13 years equivalent of a child.

All these 13 years, I would have had numerous sleepless nights to ponder about health (a major one), nappy pads, clothes, stroller, car-seat, creche, play-school spending huge money, pre-school that sucks my hard earned money out, and finally the high school which runs a business of continuously showing off to the society. Not forgetting the infamous home tuitions and the continuous pressure of living in a nice neighbourhood for the kid to have good influence.

All that for one day when the child gets 18 and gets greedy to leave home for the rest of his life searching for a career and family of his own. And come back a while later for claiming whatever is left other than old bones.

On the other hand is a dog. Which gets one tenth the attention at home but sticks with you all your life, barring all circumstances. The tail wags at the same intensity everyday when I get home. My parents and my in-laws who live separately have already found someone to love again after we ditched them. My wife feels happy to see him waiting outside the washroom door during her menstruation days even at midnight. The neighbourhood kids have found themselves a true friend who never embarrasses. We have gained a special recognition in the neighbourhood because of him. We’ve made friends with complete strangers who loved our dog and have come to meet him personally at our home. Neighbouring kids frequent our house everyday and this is going to stay the same forever. He stays with us in our happinesses and sorrows irrespective of the situation. First time guests who never encountered a dog start loving dogs from the time they meet him.

And finally, he makes me so happy whenever I see him. And he is going to continue doing this all his life. This creature only knows to spread love. He is just a forever child who never is adulterated. We thank him everyday for being a part of our life. A dog says a lot without saying!


Bob Ghorpade is my dog who is quite a celebrity on Facebook and continues to spreads love. He is one among the million Indian strays whose chances of survival is one in a seven when unadopted. A surviving dog undergoes tremendous trauma throughout their life span until one day when they accidentally come under a motor vehicle and have a tragic end. Im proud to be a guardian to an Indian stray and I request you to do so too.



Fun Fact - Owning a dog is completely different from just loving one.