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Meet “Madam”, a stray female dog who forced herself into our porch for protection from 15 other dogs waiting at the gate to rape her when she’d come out. It was the mating season and it was a difficult time for all the furry strays to prove their strength in the pack. We did our best to protect Madam, but could only do little to go against nature. Thankfully she’s already neutered.

Madam cover

The season ended after three weeks, but Madam stayed on. I now get to see two tail wags when I get home from work. My pet dog (Bob) seems to love her presence although we were firm that we cannot adopt another pet. My wife used to sneaks in food to her when I’m not home, but now feeds her regularly.

Madam Bob Porch

Dogs are territorial. And for strays, it is very strict. The pets get to cross territories during neighborhood walks, but the strays spend all their lives guarding the restricted zone. Any unauthorized entry to another zone costs them heavy injuries and occasionally even death.

Madam makes it out today

Madam started to accompany us for walks recently but would return from half way when the others chased her. But today, we got the leash off Bob and put it on Madam to keep her close to us and give her the courage. With minor inconvenience and hesitation, she sneaked with us putting others behind to reach to the top of the hill.

Madam running around flowers

She made it. And she could believe herself seeing this beautiful part of the world. She ran around smelling the flowers, rolling her back on the grass and playing heavy with Bob.

Later, she settled near a puddle and was hunting for toads with her hands. She couldn’t get any though :)

Madam hunting toad

We feel happy to have helped this girl see a new part of the world which she wouldn’t have otherwise. We look forward to help her achieve this more although we don’t know if we will adopt her yet. Cheers!