Dear Baa,

I’ve been thinking of writing this to you since a long time. It’s a message from my heart.

You’ve come a long long way from the remote village in Bengal where you were born. With no assets and with the early and untimely death of your father, the initial years were very stressful. While there is a struggle story afterwards, it is commendable how you got yourself and your family out pretty soon. All the struggle payed off.

You know this - you are basically a talented person who holds the ability to learn things very quickly and get fully skilled in no time. Hailing from a Bangla medium school, the command you have over English today is a manifestation of the talent. You’ve made most of every opportunity not because you are greedy, but because you have the ability to grasp things way sooner than others. This knack you have has made you excel in a lot of fields - engineering, military, journalism, drama and theater, and family. Having such diversified interests and excelling in them is not normal for a person with your background.

We are lucky to be brought up in a city where most difficulties you’ve faced where solved for us already. We received all that a child needs - abundant food, a good shelter, quality and competitive education, good clothing, social inclusion and most importantly the advice of how we should live our lives.

We have settled in our respective new families with strong roots from your teachings. Our success is fully attributed to the strong base you’ve given us from childhood. I can still remember the quality time you’ve spent with us during those long walks to the hills, where we practiced communication and learnt new things everyday. An effort to give us constant exposure of real life - right from buying vegetables from the market to tips on how to save for a rainy day is all a part of us that has come from you. There’s a long list which cannot be covered here, and are parts of my memory which come alive quite frequently.

Thankfully, I’ve received a significant part of your qualities thru genes. I can feel them directly replicated from you. As a result, I receive the recognition and the love from the society like you do. I feel proud to say that I’m a product of you, your ideology and the teachings.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. Its a thing that cannot be given back in a lifetime and I’ll always be indebted to you. You have made us capable of what we are today and your sacrifices are well recognized and respected.

You are one extremely talented man that the world has seen and a success story worth sharing.

This letter is a recognition and a tribute to your contributions to the society and our lives.

You should know that you’ve done a great job!